Huge Spider-Man Art Print by Al Bigley! "Silver Age" Marvel Comics!

Here is a huge, original full-color print featuring the amazing Spider-Man!  

This big (around 11 by 14!) illustration features a fabulous and dramatic shot of the famous Marvel Comics Web-Slinger! 

Here is Spidey, fashioned in the 60s "Silver Age" style (typified by artists such as John Romita, Sr.), ready to swing into battle!

Very dynamic and striking, this piece is a MUST for any fan of the Spider-Man characters (from comics or the animated series or films)! 

On sturdy quality art paper, it's also signed by the artist! Can also be personalized to you, or a loved one!

Text "watermark" does NOT appear on the actual art, only on the scan! Click image below to enlarge!

Only $20, postage paid!