Custom BATMAN "Trading Card" 7-Card Set! Original Art! Robin! Batgirl!

WOW! Here is a great set of original art! This is a group of 7 "sketch cards," all featuring Batman and his famous friends and foes! You get hand-drawn cards of Batman, Batgirl, Robin, Penguin, Riddler, Joker, and Two-Face! All drawn in pencil (with dramatic shading tones added) by Al Bigley! Each card is in traditional "trading card" size, drawn on sturdy bristol art board, and is signed by the artist (and can even be personalized)! A MUST for any fans of the classic Batman, as immortalized by artist Carmine Infantino, Bruce Timm, and other Silver Age and modern greats! Only $70 for the entire set! Watermark appears ONLY on scan below, NOT on actual artwork! I ship using US priority postage, and can combine shipping for multiple items ordered! Click image to enlarge!

1997 Batman MAD HATTER Signed Kenner Action Figure!

HARD TO FIND! Here is the very rare 1997 Kenner action figure, "Mad Hatter!" From the famed BATMAN-THE ANIMATED SERIES show, and still in great shape on it's original card, this figure (of one of Batman's greatest foes) comes autographed by Al Bigley, with a small Batman head sketch! Al designed and drew the card art, as seen in the upper right side of the blister card!  PLUS! you get a copy of the actual pencils used in the art production of the package! Very dynamic and striking, this toy is a MUST for any fan of the DC Comics BATMAN characters (from comics or the animated series or films) or collectors! Can also be personalized to you or a loved one! Only $30! Shipped using US Priority mail, and I can combine postage for multiple items won! Click image below to enlarge!