Huge INCREDIBLE HULK TV Art Print by Al Bigley! Lou Ferrigno! Marvel Comics!

Here is a huge, original full-color print featuring the Incredible Hulk!  

This big (around 11 by 14!) illustration was created by Marvel and DC Comics artist Al Bigley(BATMAN ADVENTURES, GEMINAR, AVENGERS WEST COAST),and features a fabulous and dramatic shot of the jade giant, as seen depicted by actor/body builder Lou Ferrigno on the late-70s INCREDIBLE HULK TV show!

Here are three powerful poses of the Hulk, caught in a flurry of raging action, all depicted in this colorful print!

Very dynamic and striking, this piece is a MUST for any fan of the Hulk or Marvel Comics characters (from comics, television, or the animated series or films)! 

On sturdy quality art paper, it's also signed by the artist! Can also be personalized to you, or a loved one!

Text "watermark" does NOT appear on the actual art, only on the scan! Click image below to enlarge!

Only $20, postage paid!