Supergirl! Sexy New Original Comic Art Sketch! DC Comics!

Here it is! Here is a fabulous and large (around 9 by 14) hand-drawn illustration of SUPERGIRL! Drawn on sturdy acid-free bristol board paper, using only archival inking tools, here is the Maid of Might (and Superman's cousin) busting up a giant chain as only she can! Supergirl has never been bolder, sexier, or more dynamic! Brand new, one-of-a-kind, in great shape and ready for your collection! Can even be signed and personalized! Only $65, postage paid! Watermark only appears on the image scan below, not on the actual art!

1994 POWER RANGERS Original Comic Art! Red Ranger! Zedd! Zords! Rita!

Available at last! Here are three ultra-rare comic art pages from MIGHTY MORPHIN' POWER RANGERS! These pages are from the 1994-5 comic book run from Hamilton Comics, and are a must for any POWER RANGERS fan! Pencilled by Al Bigley, with inks also by Al and Chic Stone (famed Marvel Comics inker!), each big page is around 11 by 16, and is ready for display! All the heroes, weapons, and foes are here! On sturdy bristol art board and vellum overlay, some work balloons are missing, and there is slight yellowing from the rubber cement, but otherwise in complete and clean shape! Can even be signed and personalized! You get all three titanic pages for only $150, postage paid!